Sake 101 The Perfect Pairing With Steak & Sushi’s Owner and Sommelier (sponsored)

Published 07/14/16 by Ottawa Magazine.

Pairing a gourmet meal with the perfect wine is part science, part art. But when done just right, it can elevate a meal to new tastes.

Sake (Japanese rice wine) has its fans and its foes. With a 3,000-year history, and made from just four ingredients—water, rice, yeast, and koji (a fermentation culture)—sake is a simple, yet complex drink. Should you enjoy it warm? Cold? What type of cup do you use? Do you sip or gulp? Sake options are somewhat limited in many of our city’s liquor stores, and it may be this lack of exposure that results in some Ottawans shying away from sake when choosing a wine for their meal. Yet, when sake is paired in just the right way, it can transform the dining experience.

We spoke to Lee Wagner, sommelier and owner of Steak & Sushi, to help guide us towards that exceptional dining experience of pairing sake with your meal…

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