Cookbook Review: Taste of Persia

Published 01/01/2017 by Taste&Travel Magazine.

Naomi Duguid could be a culinary embassador to Canada. From what country though, I’m not sure. This award-wining author has written on Burma, China, Southeast Asia and beyond. Despite wide-ranging cuisines, Duguid’s cookbooks have a unifying appetite for culinary styles that rarely follow geographic boundaries.

Taste of Persia is Duguid’s latest trailblazing title, and continues that focus on shared tastes, rather than divisive flavours.

“The food is enticing, the recipes very friendly to the home cook,” writes Duguid.

Well, this home cook always starts her cookbook journey with the table of contents. Although this might sound intuitive, I know many people who flip until they see an arresting photograph. The TOC’s begin in the usual manner: Introduction, Salads and Vegetables, Fish, Grilled Meat and Poultry, Rice and Other Grains; but meander through more colourful titles like Soup Paradise, Flatbread Heartland, and A Wealth of Fruit. One chapter immediately intrigues: Travel Notes…

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Taste of Persia bookreview

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