Bringing It Home

Published 06/04/2017 by Energy Exchange

If you’re asking yourself “how can I save money on my energy bills?” you’re not alone. But instead, consider asking yourself “how can I make changes to my home to become more energy efficient and cost-efficient?”

According to Natural Resources Canada, 17 per cent of all energy used in Canada goes to running our homes, which generates 15 per cent of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Meeting our commitment under the Paris Agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30 per cent from 2005 levels by 2030 is going to require some shifts in our household consumption habits. And though there may be changes to building codes in the future, there’s no reason to wait; it just so happens that helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions can also help you save money.

Here we speak to some Canadians thinking big picture and long term. Using themselves as guinea pigs, they’re throwing it all at the wall (literally) to see what sticks. Although many of them run high-performance homes, solutions can be simple: shading, insulation and lifestyle habits can make it easy to reduce household GHG emissions.

From a retrofit to a vacation home, single-family dwellings to an apartment, these inspiring designs are doing their part (and then some) to reduce our collective negative impact on the planet — proving energy efficiency can be convenient, affordable when looking at the life-cycle savings of the home and not the upfront costs, and something every Canadian homeowner can improve on…

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